6 October

Professional development of ISK teachers

October 6-7th

The International School of Kazan was visited by EAL consultant Gail O’Connell. The purpose of her visit was to give the first of a nine modules course entitled, «Teaching ESL students in the Main-Stream Classroom.»

Teaching ESL students in mainstream classrooms is an innovative professional development program. The course materials present strategies and discuss issues, which consistently address the fundamental relationship between language and learning. The program promotes a holistic approach to teaching that will ensure students are successful learners.

ISK scheduled several meetings with Gail during this year, including remote sessions and one-to-one meetings with teachers.

«I look forward to my next visit in January when I can meet with the parents and facilitate some discussions on how they can best be partners with ISK in helping their child reach his or her full potential», — Gail O’Connell.