11 March

“Maslenitsa” festival

March, 11th was declared Russian national festival, called «Maslenitsa». Everything was specially decorated. There were such traditional things like Russian headscarves, «samovars», and Russian pastries «sushki». The scarves, the costumes were very beautiful. National songs added an inspiring atmosphere. There was a big tale doll in the centre of the event.

According to the festival organizers, Maslenitsa is a farewell to winter. Interesting authentic games were organized for children. Kids actively participated in the festival, some thought it was a great opportunity to practice English as well.

Simultaneously, a team-building training was also held. Kids were supposed to equally participate and build teams. They were introduced new skills helpful in their future life.

The excitement and joy from the day was obvious. At the end of the day, children ate traditional pancakes, and got sweet presents.