15 August

International School of Kazan is the COuncil of International Schools member

Our school is committed to delivering meaningful and high-quality international education. We are working hard to create the best conditions to implement our goals.

International school of Kazan is in the process of being accredited by a number of international organizations, one of the steps in this direction is acquiring Council of International Schools membership.

We are proud to announce that our school is a CIS Member now.

The occasion gives the school an opportunity to use the following benefits that assist our students, parents, and teachers to complete our mission — nurturing global citizens through meaningful education.

Now we have access to some opportunities such as evaluating the best educational strategies and methods, annual opportunity to nominate students for CIS International Student Award, and the participation of the school in the events that connect students and schools from all over the world, united by one mission.

CIS provides its members with assistance in the search for highly qualified educators and leaders. Also, our school profile is in the online CIS Membership Directory shared with parents that are interested in a high-quality education for their children.